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50 Bolton Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

24/7 Phone

24/7 Phone

Parking Capacity


570 Spaces

Operating Hours

24 Hours

24 hours / 7 days a week

Apply now for permanent parking at one of our inner city locations.

Daily Opening Hours

Main gates open between 5:00am and 8:00pm. Carpark operates 24/7. For after hours vehicle access, drive up to gate and doors will open. For after hours pedestrian access, enter your registration details into the keypad.

Access & Payment Options

Entry and exit are controlled via number plate recognition. Tickets are no longer issued as your number plate is recorded on entry. Payment is required at the pay station prior to returning to your vehicle. Simply find your car via the touchscreen pay machine, pay your fee and away you go. Account holders can now drive in and out without the use of a swipe card.

Maximum Height – 2.2m

Secure Parking on Bolton Street
24 Hour Surveillance and Access

Bolton Street secure car parking in Newcastle has 24-hour security and monitoring to ensure all vehicles are kept safe whilst on the premises. We offer secure car parks to the public and provide convenient access to your parking after hours. You can sign up for an ongoing monthly account and enjoy private access to your own secure and safe car park.

Are you looking for safe and secure car parking on Bolton Street Newcastle? Look no further; Bolton Street car parks offer convenient drive in and walk away parking with number plate recognition technology to save you time waiting for ticket queues. When you’re leaving the facilities you simply input your license plate number and pay at the payment station. If you’re looking for long-term permanent car parks with quick payment systems, you can also sign up for an ongoing account and payment will be automatically debited from your nominated card. This allows you to drive in and out without having to worry about paying every time you leave the car park.

Why Choose Bolton St



Onsite Cafe operates Mon – Fri from 7.30am to 12.30pm. Grab a coffee, a muffin, or maybe a fresh sandwich.



Short 5 minute stroll to Newcastle beach and surrounding cafes and restaurants. Across the road from Family Law Courts.


After Hours

Pedestrian access via Bolton Street.


Early Bird – Weekdays

$13.00 for entry between 5.00 am – 9.30am and exit before 8.00pm. Minimum stay of 7 hours.


Night Owl

$12.00 for entry after 5:00pm and exit before 8:00am the following day.

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