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Q. If I booked and arrive more than 15 minutes early, does it cost extra?

A. Well we have a reasonable buffer of 15 minutes, any earlier will attract the casual rate costs.

Q. Are there additional charges if I overstay my agreed time by more than 15 minutes?

A. Yes casual rate costs are applicable, best to leave on time please.

Q. If I leave early do I get a refund?

A. Sorry nope, your space has been reserved exclusively for you for your time.

Q. Does this offer include Bolton and Civic car parks?

A. Yes though each carpark is booked and charged separately.

For existing account holders for the 3 month free offer

Q. Must I register if I am an existing account customer?

A. Yes.

Q. How long is the third space free?

A. 3 months.

Q. Must I notify Hunter Parking and Storage if I wish to cease the extra car space at the end of three months?

A. Yes

Q. Do I receive a reserved car space?

A. No, you have a guaranteed space anywhere in the carparks, except in the Lower Premium at Bolton.

For NEW account applications

Q. Must I pay for the third car space even though I need only 2 car spaces?

A. Yes if you wish to have the availability of a third car space at no cost we will refund you the cost every 3 months.

Q. If I cancel my parking before the 3 months rebate is due to be refunded, do I receive any refund?

A. No unfortunately.

Q. Do I need to notify Hunter Parking and Storage at the end of the three month free period that I do not require that space?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I receive a reserved space for my 3rd space?

A. No, your 2 fully paid car spaces have reserved signage in the car park space only.

Q. Does this offer have 24/7 availability?

A. Yes.

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