The city of Newcastle is definitely on the radar for many people living outside of the city for the best possible reasons. The city attracts some of the best events including the Supercars, concerts and performances, children’s activities, markets, movies, great eating and is an overall fun, vibrant place to visit.

Many people live in and around the city of Newcastle but it is also being recognised as a popular tourist destination with so many options for visitors near and far to enjoy.

Whatever event you are travelling into the city of Newcastle to enjoy you want to make sure you get there on time, and if travelling by car have the confidence that your car is secure while you are enjoying yourself.

Parking in cities has become a modern science with every city in Australia coping with population growth and people’s increased enthusiasm about enjoying all the excitement and exposure to world events that a city like Newcastle has to offer. Being a city by the beach is an added value to most visitors to the city of Newcastle.

Travelling into the city should be an enjoyable experience and parking your car should be be easy. One of the reasons Newcastle can attract the high quality events and entertainment is that access to the city of Newcastle is easy and continues to improve. The light rail will attract even more visitors to and moving in and around the city will become even easier.

When booking your tickets or deciding to attend an external event it is possible to plan where you are going to park the car. Hunter Parking and Storage offer both Early Bird and Night Owl pricing that will make driving your car both convenient and affordable.

You will enjoy the convenience of being able to walk to your destination after parking the car or use one of the public transport options within the city precinct if needed. Leaving your car parked in an undercover secured area means you will enjoy yourself even more.

No more worrying about parking meters and parking legally during busy times, you can plan your day or evening knowing that your parking needs are met.

Technology has played a big role in the parking options in Newcastle with 24/7 monitoring and security giving you peace of mind that not only is your car safe and secure, but more importantly, that you and the people you care for are in a secure, modern facility.

With easy ticketless entry and exit it means all you need to remember is your number plate for accurate easy payment at the end of your stay – no more parking tickets that can be damaged or lost making it difficult and costly to exit.

Newcastle is fast becoming a must go to destination for locals and visitors alike. The city has evolved into a vibrant, contemporary city that offers accommodation, entertainment, dining, cultural and environmental thrills that will create lasting memories.

When you decide to visit the city of Newcastle plan your trip with confidence knowing that the parking facilities available for your car are modern, secure and easy to use.

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