Studying at any time of life is usually only one part of a person’s life. You most likely have a job, family commitments and your own personal life to manage. If that sounds familiar and you drive a car to your place of study you have probably experienced the frustration of trying to find that elusive parking spot.

This problem is even worse if your place of study is located in the centre of a busy, populated city. Newcastle City is a popular place to live, work, visit and study so when you decide to drive and park it usually needs careful planning so that you arrive on time.

We all know the life of a student is a challenging time for all sorts of reasons but having access to services that you can afford is important if you are living on a budget.

Newcastle City has a diverse student population with the University of Newcastle having a presence on various sites around the city. While there are options to park in the surrounding suburbs and take advantage of the fare free bus zone that operates in the CBD or park at the Callaghan Campus and take the shuttle service, this does not work for everyone.

Many Year 11 & 12 students and people of all ages studying in specialised areas also travel to their place of study in their own vehicle. Newcastle City is home to a number of private and public schools as well as specialised areas of study outside of University. Parking in the city close to your place of study does require planning and knowledge of the area. Ensuring your personal safety, the security of your vehicle and avoiding parking fines are just a few of the considerations.

The University of Newcastle understands the problems associated with driving to your place of study and has been proactive in providing alternatives. Part of that initiative is partnering with Hunter Car Parking and Storage who provide affordable, secure parking for students.

Car Parking has been revolutionised over the years to meet the demands of increased populations and people’s expectations. They are built with security and safety in mind as well as ease of access and exit.

Cities worldwide have been dealing with the problem of parking in congested cities for many years as the population continues to grow and people look to the cities for study, work, entertainment and special events. Newcastle City is a vibrant beachside city that is undergoing a transformation and a movement towards people wanting to live, work, study and play in the city.

Parking in the city of Newcastle does not need to be difficult or costly. You can get to your classes on time and feel safe when returning to your car to go home. Running late is no problem with vehicle recognition on entry and exit.

You can easily study in the city of Newcastle and enjoy the convenience of driving your car to and from your place of study with parking stations that are equipped with modern technology and designed for the safety and security of you and your vehicle in mind.