We all know technology moves faster than we can think and we also know the pain of losing our parking ticket and paying maximum daily cost to park for 30 minutes!

Ticketless Parking has taken the pain out of parking and frees you from the anxiety of keeping track of that parking ticket which is your ticket to freedom from a parking station that is not ticketless.

Ticketless parking is is exactly what it says, not only do you no longer need cash to pay for your parking, but you also don’t require a parking ticket. Ticketless parking has revolutionised off street parking, especially in multi-storey car parks but it is slowly being rolled out into shopping centres and can used in any parking area that has an identified entry and exit.

How Does Ticketless Parking Work?

Ticketless parking use a suitable identifier, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) or license plate recognition (LPR) technology which identifies a parking customer as they approach the car park entry. Your license plate information is captured and you are granted entry into the car park.

When you are ready to leave depending on the system you will need find the pay station and input your license plate number. Your cost to park is then calculated on the time you spent in the car park. You simply pay via your card. When you approach the exit your license plate will be identified by the recognition technology and you will gain exit from the car park. This is the technology used by Hunter Car Parking and Storage facilities.

In some situations you can simply drive straight to the car park exit. The same recognition technology used at the entrance calculates your length of stay and provides you with a fee for parking, where you can either pay by card or if you are registered it will be debited from your registered parking account.

How quick is it enter and exit?

Vehicles do not need to stop when entering the car park, so vehicles can move through the entry and exit in less than four seconds without the need to take or insert a ticket. If you are using a system where you can pay at the exit there will be additional time spent during the exit from the car park.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is secure. No personal information is recorded on the Ticketless Car Park System database. Licence plate numbers, times and dates of entry and exit and the accounting records of collected parking fees are the only information collected for the ease of entering and exiting the car park without a ticket.

Licence plate numbers are not considered personal information under NSW privacy law. because they do not in themselves identify an individual.

The time and date of entry and exit and the record of money transactions are normal accounting information collected in the course of providing a ticketless parking system. They are not considered to be personal information.

What is the most important thing to remember?

Most of us know it, but if you don’t it might be a good time to memorise your number plate as you will need it if using a pay station to pay for your parking.