Bolton Street

Bolton Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
02 4357 9997
After hours phone
02 4357 9997
Parking Capacity
570 Spaces
Operating Hours
24 hours / 7 days a week
Daily Open Hours
Main gates open between 5am and 8pm , entry through security gates after 8pm with credit card or pass.
Vehicle Entrance And Exit Via
Bolton Street
Access & Payment Options

New Ticketless Parking System

No more scrambling to find your ticket. No more fee for a lost ticket. Simply drive on in, and we’ll take a picture of your licence plate. When exiting, just head on over to the touchscreen pay station, enter your license plate number and pay the displayed amount. Want to leave even quicker? If you’re paying via credit card, you can skip the queue and pay at the gate. If you’re an account holder, you can now drive in and out without even swiping a card. It’s that simple.  



Coffee Shop out front operates Mon – Fri from 7am to 2pm. Grab a coffee on your way or have a warming soup for lunch in the winter.


Short 5 minute stroll to Newcastle beach and surrounding cafes and restaurants. Across the road from Family Law Courts.

After Hours

Pedestrian access via Bolton Street.

Early Bird (Weekdays Only)

$10.00 In between 5am and 9:30am. Minimum stay 7 hours, exit before 8pm


Bolton St Car Park offer our support to local events when possible. Grab a discounted rate on the 3rd Saturday of every month for the Hunt and Gather Markets.

Parking Rates

Casual Parking Rates

0 - 30 min $2
30min - 1hr $3
1hr - 1.5hr $6
1.5hr - 2hr $8
2hr - 3hr $12
3hr - 4hr $15
4hr - 5hr $17
5hr - 6hr $21
6hr - 7hr $24
7hr - 12hr $29
Permanent Parking Rates

Unlimited Parking $270 per month